6 Affiliate Marketing Lessons I Should Have Learnt Earlier

Affiliate Marketing is full of lessons. Everyday we learn something new. We experiment.. fail.. learn.. and finally succeed. I always say, “Learning never stops.” I recommend affiliate marketing to people who I think are capable to do, people who are passionate enough to make the things happen. But, it requires patience and courage to face the failure … Read more

8 Killer Landing Page Optimization Tips

Whether your main efforts are focused on creating a successful blog or building out your own series of successful affiliate marketing campaigns, the one common theme across both models is that you need to focus on your optimization. Optimization is the act of making something as “perfect as possible” — and when it comes to convincing … Read more

6 twitter mistakes which we should avoid

Twitter the master of social networking technology. Twitter can help you in blog promotion. There are many mistake which we do in the twitter so I have come up with 6 twitter mistakes which will help you further.. Top six twitter mistakes are 1. Several Hashtags Use of multiple URLs Multiple hashtags will not make it simpler for … Read more

How to Setup a Perfect Business Page on Facebook?

Facebook has evolved as such a big social media platform that companies are spending huge money to reach their customers. This is such a platform where people hangout in realtime, so getting in touch with the customer and taking direct response is one of the prime motive for big companies. You can check various Facebook ROI case studies where … Read more