Do you have no idea what content marketing is?

Do you want to know how to get started or why you should have a content budget in your company?

Alternatively, maybe you’re already working with content marketing… but you want to get more out of it while having more fun.

Welcome to the CSPisAwesome, where we aim to raise the standard of content marketing.

We offer advice and insight from the professionals, as well as an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and innovations that are pushing the industry forward.

We’re here to assist you in establishing, running, and expanding your online business. We’ve gathered the most up-to-date information on how to build a website, discover the greatest online platforms, and develop with digital marketing guides.

Who Is Behind CSPisAwesome?

CSPisAwesome was recently acquired by Digiexe, which is a digital marketing agency and is run by combined efforts of Jitendra Vaswani and Aishwar Babber

Jitendra Vaswani


Jitendra Vaswani is a digital marketing practitioner and international keynote speaker who now lives a digitally nomadic lifestyle and runs a blog called BloggersIdeas.com as well as a Digital Marketing Agency called DigiExe.

Jitendra has extensive experience in digital marketing, having previously worked as a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom,” which has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. He is also the author of “International Best-Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2.”

He has trained 10,000+ digital marketing experts to date and runs Digital marketing seminars all around the world. His main goal is to assist individuals in creating firms through digitization and encouraging them to believe that their ambitions may be realized if they persevere.

Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on LinkedinTwitter, & Facebook.


Aishwar Babber


Aishwar Babber is a digital marketer with a bent for blogging. He enjoys discussing and writing about new technology and gadgets, which drives him to run GizmoBase.

In 2014, he began his blogging career and has since become a full-time digital marketing specialist with 6+ years of expertise in the field.

He expertise in SEO and affiliate marketing and has been working on various online projects. He is an active investor in WPCrew and DesignSkew.